Of Coffee Shops and Zoo Field Trips

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I remember the anxiety I experienced when my Mom asked me for the first time to go up to the counter (Taco Bell, I believe it was) and place my own order. I could barely get the words out that I wanted a soft taco supreme and cinnamon crispas, and my hands shook as I counted out the change. My son is not nearly so anxious. Yesterday when we were hanging out at Coffee Plant, Samuel said he needed a straw, so I asked him to go wait in line and ask the barista for one. I didn't think he'd actually do it, but sure enough, as I watched he waited patiently in line with confidence, finally getting to the counter, only to have the barista look right over his head and ask the woman waiting behind him if she could help her. I quickly jumped in and pointed out that Samuel was next in line, and to my surprise, he actually followed through and asked her for a straw. What a big boy! Usually he will clam up at the last minute. We go through this a lot at New Seasons when he wants a jerky stick from the meat department, but gets shy at the last minute, at which point we end up jumping in and asking for him. Another milestone for Samuel . . . he's been expressing interest at giving money to cashiers as well, which I'm now letting him do from time to time.

Later at the Coffee Plant, Samuel seemed intrigued by a woman who was reading alone in a secluded, platform area away from the rest of the store. He sat up there for awhile watching her, then I realized he decided to lounge just like she was. It was too cute to pass up, so I grabbed the camera and snapped this shot.

Today, I accompanied Samuel on his field trip to the Oregon Zoo, and what a rainy day it was. It poured the whole morning, but Samuel was so excited to be there with his teachers and friends that I stayed positive and kept a smile on my face, when all I wanted to do was go someplace warm, sip on a hot triple latte, and try to wake up from getting less than five hours of sleep last night (partly due to insomnia, partly because Samuel gets up at 6:30AM these days). Note to self, must buy black-out curtains! Samuel rises with the sun, and this time of year, that's too early.

Interestingly enough, it became obvious to me on this field trip just how close Samuel is to his teachers. He wouldn't leave one teacher's side in particular, holding her hand throughout the entire morning. When she had to break away for a few minutes, he almost fell apart, saying, "Mommy, I want her." I have to admit I was a wee bit jealous, but mostly, it makes me happy to see him have such a close relationship with his teachers. We all have those special teachers in our memory banks that we'll never forget. Below is a picture of Samuel with his teachers and a friend from preschool, Garrett.


Claudia said...

Oh how cute! I am surprised that you have the presence of mind to grab the camera with a 3 yr. old and a 5 mo. old.
He looked cute at the coffee shop and very happy on the field trip!

I always enjoyed going on field trips with you kids and enjoying seeing you enjoying yourselves!
Love you,

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