More Pictures from Sponataneous Beach Trip

Friday, May 16, 2008

Landon said this would make a good picture. He was right. Leadbetter Point State Park, Long Beach Peninsula, WA.

The mosquito infested path leading to the beach in Leadbetter Point State Park.

Forest plants soak up the afternoon sun.

Forest area surrounding the beach in Leadbetter Point State Park, WA.

Enjoying our sandwiches from Sid's Market in Seaview, WA on the boardwalk in Long Beach, WA. Turns out Long Beach is 30 miles long, with 28 miles of continuous beach. Someday, I'd like to walk or bike up the entire stretch, although probably not all at once.

It was only a 30 hour trip, but we had such fun, and the weather couldn't have been better. The ocean is such a perfect way to keep cool on days as hot as these. We're so fortunate to have beautiful Oregon coastlines (Cannon Beach is my favorite) within 90 minutes of Portland.


Claudia said...

I agree!! I like Cannon Beach...
how nice to have a quick last min. get away!
You were always such a home body growing up Karli, I'm surprised at how you are such the "get-up-and-go-anytime" person now!
It seems you never stop -- no matter what. I think if you had four kids you would still get-up-and-go. You don't seem to get tired either---but then maybe it is because of the coffee drinks you like. I was never a coffee drinker.
Tell Samuel I love him and Juniper and I am happy he is having such a good time with Mommy and Daddy!!

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