Marshall Park

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Landon discovered a new park on google maps today in our neighborhood, so he and Samuel went for a bike ride to explore. Marshall Park turned out to be a big hit, so we plan to go back for picnic lunches or dinners this summer. After living in this neighborhood for two years now, it's strange that there are parks yet to be discovered.

We're thinking about getting some new things for the office, so while Landon and Samuel were out enjoying the great outdoors, Juniper and I made a trip to IKEA to have a look around. My primary purpose in going was to pick up some blinds that I thought would work well, but as it turns out, they can't be installed properly on the trim around our window sashes, so I will have to take them back at some point this week.

Landon is playing music tonight, and I'm looking forward to watching a movie and relaxing this evening. Of course, there's laundry to be folded while I watch . . . the never-ending supply of dirty laundry that comes with the territory of having a five-month old that spits up constantly and a three-year old that is potty training.

Here's a short video of Samuel at Marshall Park this afternoon:


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