Last Thursday on Alberta Street

Friday, May 30, 2008
Last night, we all went down to Alberta Street for some of the best pizza in Portland at Bella Faccia Pizzeria and the Last Thursday art walk. I think this is officially my new favorite pizza joint in Portland. So good! Here is Samuel on his way out the door as we were leaving.

On the patio of Bella Faccia's, having just finished our pizza. We're ready for the art walk now!

Looking at art along the sidewalk wasn't too interesting for Samuel, so we stopped along the way for face painting. Samuel wanted blue and asked for his face to be painted all over.

Later that night, Juniper and Landon shared some laughs on the floor.

Juniper and Landon look a lot alike, don't you think?


Landon sent me this video clip today in an e-mail that read, "Let's go here for our next hike. We can bring the kids!" My husband has an interesting sense of humor.


The Ferriter Family said...

Yaaa I would love to take the kids on a hike like this....

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