Saturday, May 31, 2008

Landon removed the sod from the third of what will eventually be five street-side beds on the south side of our house this morning. Tomorrow I plan to work on gardening this new bed for most of the day. Since one of my beds is overcrowded, I have most of the plants I need. I do want to pick up some rocks before I get started to elevate a portion of the bed in the center for what I hope will be a place for a small Juniper tree. I still have Juniper's placenta in the freezer, and I've been saving it to plant a Juniper shrub or tree for her. Juniper and I went to Portland Nursery this afternoon looking for just the right Juniperus specimen, but no such luck. Portland Nursery will have more varieties available in November, so in the meantime, I'm looking through my gardening books to figure out which species I want. Once I decide, it's possible another nursery in the area will carry it. If not, I might look into ordering one online.


Betsy said...

I might have to follow suite when we get into our own house and plant an olive tree! I know there are "sweet william" flowers I can plant too. That's a totally adorable idea.

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