Juniper's First Tooth

Thursday, May 29, 2008
Little Juniper Octavia has cut her first tooth! This came as quite a surprise to me as she has been sleeping well and has been in relatively good spirits, other than her recent cold, which has brought on a little extra fussiness due to her congestion. When Samuel's first tooth was working its way up, he was fussy for weeks before it finally popped through. I didn't think I could take another day when it finally made its appearance. Samuel was always sensitive to teething. With each one, there were double and triple the night wakings and fussiness all day long. And the drool! Samuel had a continuous fountain of drool when he was teething. Juniper is a different story. No additional night wakings (even with her cold), only a small amount of extra fussiness, and voilĂ ! her first tooth (lower left central incisor) has arrived, nearly a full month earlier than her older brother's first tooth emerged.

Juniper loves sitting up now. It's her preferred position during playtime. Today she launched forward for the first time, so I expect she'll be crawling in the next week or two. It took her a little longer to roll over than it did for Samuel, but as of now, she's following the same rate of development. I predict she'll be walking before her first birthday!

Juniper is a happy girl--all you have to do is smile at her to get a smile in return.

She's my happy, smiley girl . . . and now with the arrival of her first tooth, putting away the Brest Friend pillow and crib yesterday, and bringing up the high-chair from the basement, I'll be the first to admit that Juniper isn't a little baby anymore. She's a big girl, and we're all proud of her! She'll be six months old on June 10th, then it's onto rice cereal!


Jeremy said...

I love the new header Karli! It's so fun how it changes the entire look of the blog.

I can't believe she has a tooth already! And she looks so big sitting up there. What a cutie.

Kelli said...

So cute! Love her smiles!

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