Friday Afternoon at My House

Friday, May 09, 2008

Creeping phlox from my south-side garden.
Strange day, starting at 6:30AM with Samuel feeling sick.
Diagnosis, constipation.
Lots of prune juice, a sitz bath in baking soda, and a glycerin suppository leads to an eruption like I've never seen,
whereupon Juniper simultaneously lets loose an eruption of her own (a.k.a. blow-out).
Out of all the moments in a day, why do the eruptions have to happen together? Why?
Need iced coffee more than ever, but the overindulgence of caffeine while breastfeeding is no good.
I find myself wishing this afternoon for a Mother's Day at a faraway lodge sans kids and husband.
It would be nice to catch up on e-mail and voicemails that seem to be daily piling up.
Counting glasses of water consumed today, and I think I actually can go for that iced coffee now.
I'll make it at home (although a glass of iced coffee on a sunny sidewalk sounds great right about now), because the only thing worse than eruptions at home is when they happen in public.
And with all the prune and cherry juice my kid has imbibed today, he's not going anywhere!


Jeremy said...

How cruel to have your day start with 2 blow-outs. I'm sorry.... I hope things got better and I hope you were able to get away!

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