Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm having a hard time remembering to call this little guy 'Sam,' but he's been reminding me, and I'll try to do better. He had a good time with Landon the other night exploring Marshall Park and traversing Tryon Creek. They hiked up and down along the creek. Landon was quite impressed with how capably Sam maneuvered himself around the creek's obstacles. There is a little stone bridge (shown in picture above) that spans the creek, which is a special feature about the park. I also learned from Portland Parks that the playground was built on the foundation of F.C. and Addie Marshall's summer home, the couple who donated the property to the city in the early 1950's. Next time you're visiting SW Portland, check out Marshall Park--it's a beautiful place!

Juniper is almost 5 1/2 months now. In the picture above, she is wearing a t-shirt sent to her from her great-grandparents on Landon's side in CO. It says, "I love rainbows." She sits up for longer stretches now (first long stretch, about one minute, was on her 5 month birthday (Sam also sat up for the first time on his 5 month birthday)), and she rolls around the living room to explore new areas. Yesterday, she began pulling CD's and VHS tapes out of the TV table, and so the fun officially begins. As I'm typing this, she's trying to pull books out of my office bookcase. If she follows her brother's rate of development, she'll be walking in four months. Then the fun will really begin!

Did I mention I love her chubby thighs?


Claudia said...

Oh I know!! I love to run my hand over their chubby things!! So soft!!
She is getting so big!! She always looks so much bigger in pictures than in person though.

Claudia said...

Good nature picture of Samuel under the bridge!!!!
I am going to have a very hard time calling Samuel "Sam" because I LIKE SAMUEL!! I wonder if he will make an exception for his Nana?!

Jeremy said...

Great park recommendation! We'll have to check it out sometime.

I love that Samuel, I mean Sam, has such a name preference. Ian is doing something similar in that we can't even joke about him being someone else or he gets so upset. "No, I Iiiaaaannnn."....he says. I love how sure they are of themselves at this age!

And I agree....I'm loving the chubby thighs. Too cute!

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