Drifting Along in a Fog

Monday, May 26, 2008

We didn't get back from Seattle last night until 1AM. I had to stop and buy energy drinks in order to stay awake on the way home. I don't think I'll do that again. Next time, we'll stay the extra night and come back in the morning. The kids slept the whole way home, and Landon did a good job of engaging me conversationally to keep me awake.

This morning when I got up with Juniper, I went downstairs to find Samuel watching the History channel. He'd been up for awhile, and instead of waking us up, had gone downstairs on his own, turned on the TV, and had been quietly watching it by himself. I think I like that plan just fine. Landon and I were actually able to sleep in for an extra hour.

I felt like a fog descended on me today. I think I was just tired from our trip to Seattle. It was a slow day. We went to Powell's downtown and picked up a book on squids for Sam, then headed back home. I had my friend Miriam over for awhile, and we drank Recharge and ate crackers and cheese. Her daughter Sylvia played with Sam, and what fun they had. Miriam brought me these beautiful flowers from her mother's garden. Thanks, Miriam! They certainly brightened my day.


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