Don't Turn Your Back on the Ocean

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

It's the time of year when the garden becomes alive in more ways than one. The warmer weather and spring showers have created perfect growing conditions for weeds, and, unwilling to tolerate their presence any longer, I bundled up Sam and Juniper and headed outside to wage war on these unwanted guests in my garden. The picture above shows our sideyard, where we have yet to garden, as it needs to be leveled and amended first. We plan to do that when we finish our basement (a 3 to 5 year goal). I took the above photo before I started weeding. The blackberry starters are the worst. Even with my gardening gloves, my hands took a beating, and many thorns made their way through the gloves and into my skin. I also ran across some poison ivy, which year after year persists in my echinacea patch. Motherhood is rough enough on a woman's hands as it is with all the frequent handwashing, but gardening takes a greater toll. Goodbye, weeds!

Another photo taken by Samuel, always slightly blurry. Just beginning to weed, and there's still a smile on my face.

Four hours later, the weeds are gone. I always do it by hand; we never use poisons for weed control. But organic weed pulling has its drawbacks, and although I dislike this expression, I feel thirty-one tonight. My muscles aren't nearly as resilient as they used to be, and it took much more out of me physically than usual. Once the weeding was finished, I wanted to spend the rest of the day relaxing. Not an option! Sam and Juniper were hungry, and since I'd been outdoors all day, there were many more chores left to be done on the inside. Breakfast dishes were still on the counter, toys littered the floors, and the refrigerator was nearly empty. My friend Allie says housework is like the ocean--you can't turn your back on it. The force of the ocean is sometimes too much for me to compete with. Housekeeper recommendations, anyone? I'd rather be out in my garden than wiping up spit-up, vacuuming up cat hair, and keeping our toilet clean.

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Rachel Catriona said...

I have to agree with the housework like the ocean - and I don't even live in a house =)

Blog title: maybe it should just be the little blurb below the title that you switch up when the mood strikes? Like how Google gets blinged out at Christmas. FYI: if you change your blog title and someone has the old one bookmarked it will still read the old title in the bookmark.

Hope we're down that way sometime. I feel like I know those kids and I've never met them =)


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