Sunday, May 25, 2008

After enjoying the morning at Pike Place Market, Landon headed up to Folklife, and I took the kids to the Seattle Aquarium. Landon's gig at Folklife wasn't until 8PM, so there would still be plenty of time to hang out at Folklife. Here's Samuel touching sea stars inside the aquarium.

Sam loves sharks. About six months ago, he moved from a strong interest in trains and machines to sharks and all other marine life. In fact, when we stopped by the seal and otter exhibit, he wanted to know why there wasn't a great white shark in the tank eating the seals. Maybe he's been watching a little too much Planet Earth? As you can see in the photo above, Sam would be no match for this sixgill shark!

Looking up at baby salmon in the Seattle Aquarium.

Sam loved watching the seals, and we were just in time to watch them being fed!

Samuel enjoyed watching fish in the underwater dome at Seattle Aquarium.


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