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Monday, April 07, 2008
The playgroup I joined through St. Vincent's Hospital, where I gave birth to Samuel, has been a tremendous support to me over the past three years, and I've been lucky enough to make some friends along the way. Here is a picture taken this past Friday with two of my friends from playgroup, Allie and Sarah, and our three new daughters, Emily, Juniper, and Mia (second babies for all three of us). I love playgroup pictures! They are so much fun to look back on, which I now do with photos from Samuel's early playgroup days.


Jeremy said...

What a great connection. And I love that all 3 of you had little girls so close in age too!

Aviva said...

Wow, Juniper has so much hair! I don't remember Samuel having so much hair so young ... did he? I have to admit I'm a little envious of the new playgroup for the second round of babies that has sprung up. But I think it's cool that it's still around. Someone should tell Mary about this second round of babies in the playgroup! If you have her email, maybe you could just send her a link to this post on your blog!

Claudia said...

A very good picture of you and Juniper, Karli!!
She is getting to be so big!!! Maybe some day you can come to our house or call Dad and ask him to drive up your way!!!
Love you,

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