Last Day in Disneyland

Tuesday, April 15, 2008
Samuel woke up with his eyes a little swollen this morning; they remained so throughout the day, but the swelling had disappeared by the following day. Here's Juniper and Samuel, ready for a third day at Disneyland.
My goal today was to see everything left to be seen, and I was also determined to ride on all the rides. As it was, we left the park only having missed out on Indiana Jones in Adventureland and Autopia. What a great time we had in Disneyland, and we can't wait to take the kids back again in a few years. We spent many nights on this trip reading the Wikipedia articles on the history of the park and the many attractions. All the employees were so friendly, professional, and helpful. Everyone is referred to as "guests," not customers. The Baby Station is great. Air conditioned facility allows nursing mothers to breastfeed in privacy and escape the sun. There is a changing station, and diapers for $1.00 each as well. The First Aid station is fabulous. One day I started to get a headache from the sun, and they gave me Ibuprofen. You can get any over the counter medication there when needed. Terrific resource. We truly felt like guests in the park, and they really do take care of you. Amazingly, they keep the park sparkling clean throughout the day, keep crowds moving, and create a magical atmosphere filled with music all day long. Disneyland is a one-of-a-kind experience. I always thought it was fun for kids, but I learned on this trip that it's fun for adults, too.
Riding Casey Jr. Circus Train the last day.


Jeremy said...

What great pictures! Disneyland looks like so much fun! I'm glad you had such a great time there.

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