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Monday, April 21, 2008
Landon and I have always strived to eat well, but recently, I've been using new cookbooks for fresh ideas in the kitchen. My goal is to use seasonal produce and to become more vegetarian. My friend Miriam loaned me, Still Life with Menu, by Mollie Katzen and it's great. I made the Breakfast Cookie-Bars before our trip, which contained rolled oats, whole wheat flour, apple juice, wheat germ, dried fruit, and pumpkin seeds. We ate the whole batch during the three days we were at Disneyland, and they made for a tasty & healthy snack. I'm also using the Moosewood cookbooks for dinners during the week. Each week, I create a menu of 3 to 5 meals before we go grocery shopping. Because of the fresh ingredients in most of the recipes I'm making, I can't really get more than 3 to 5 meals at one time or the produce goes bad before we get to the end of the week. Usually, we eat out once or twice a week, so it works out perfectly.

Tonight, I made Mexican Polenta-Stuffed Peppers for dinner from Simple Suppers, my new Moosewood cookbook. It was a complete meal on its own, but was better with a little dinner salad. Lately, we've been using the European mache mix from New Seasons--it's delicious! Mix in some chopped filberts and dried cranberries and it's even better.


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