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Thursday, April 03, 2008
Both the kids have colds, but Samuel has a cough that's keeping him up at night. Poor guy! After getting him off to school this morning (he's mainly coughing at night, which is the only reason I sent him), I was off to my friend Annagrace's for some morning coffee and good company. Her little girl Penelope loves Juniper. It was fun to watch Penelope dress her own baby and change her diaper. I wonder if Juniper will do those things. Samuel has never shown the slightest interest in dolls or stuffed animals.

After picking up Samuel from preschool, we were off to Costco. I left my license in the car, and the guy at the check-out ID'd me for the wine I was buying. I told him I didn't have it with me (it was in the car), but to leave it off if it was a problem. He looked intently at me and asked his assistant boxer what he thought and if he should let me have it. I could have done without the scrutiny, but he finally said, "I suppose I'll let it go this time." For some reason, the way he said this made me feel like I was in the Principal's office.

I've been trying to figure out what to do with all of Samuel's old baby clothes, as well as a growing pile of Juniper's newborn clothes she's outgrown. I had thought about selling everything at Pass It On, then decided it was too much work for an extra one hundred dollars or so. I've decided to give everything away to other moms I know who are expecting or have kids within the range of sizes I have. A lot of the moms I know have given me so many clothes, and now it's my turn to return the favor. I spent a large part of tonight going through bins and assembling sacks for two moms that will be at playgroup tomorrow, and setting aside some things for Goodwill. I plan to keep one bin of outfits that I just can't part with and will probably always keep as a memory of Samuel and Juniper's babyhood. Having said that, it sure feels good to pass along everything else!

Off to do laundry...



Claudia said...

Ahhhh some sentiment!! Must come from your Mommy!!

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