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Saturday, April 05, 2008
We had lots to do today to get ready for an upcoming trip, and a few things on our list required going to the mall. I usually try to avoid the mall if possible, especially on the weekend, but sometimes when you have a long list, one-stop-shop is the way to go.

I told Landon that as soon as we entered the mall, I could feel my physical and mental energy meter start to fall, and that we needed to prioritize stops before our meters fell too low. This means that at the start of our mall outing, no quick jaunts into stores that weren't on our list. With each stop, energy meters fall, and before we know it, Samuel's having a tantrum, Juniper's fussy, we're stressed, and the trip goes downhill quickly.

The first thing on our list was to buy some good walking tennis shoes for me as we'll be on our feet most of our trip, and with each pregnancy my feet have grown a half a size bigger. We walked into Track n' Trail, and were greeted by a friendly store manager immediately. He was helpful, thoughtful, and efficient with our time. He brought out the few shoes I was interested in, gave me information on each shoe in a concise, knowledgeable, and professional manner, and eventually helped me to narrow it down to a Merrell shoe that I ended up buying. I walked away knowing full well that I purchased the right tennis shoe, was in no way pressured to buy something I didn't need (in fact, he actually talked me out of buying the shoe with Gore-tex as it was $20.00 more and he wasn't convinced I needed that feature), and felt good about having had a positive purchasing experience for a change.

We picked up some new clothes for Samuel and Landon, got some travel snacks for our trip at Trader Joe's, a few Aveda products for me, and coffee at Starbucks (vanilla milk for Samuel) to give our meters a little boost halfway through our trip.

We ended up having a great time, and although we were tired when we got home, we accomplished everything we set out to do and managed to get home before our meters fell too low.


Betsy said...

I used to love the mall...and now with each child I add it is less and less fun and really more of a chore. I really only go now to buy clothes for the kids. I always go to Lloyd where they have *all* the stores, too.

Jeremy said...

Eeek...I don't like the mall either. I get that same energy zap. Jeremy on the other hand...loves to shop.

Glad you found what you were looking for!

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