End of a Week

Friday, April 25, 2008

We all headed to playgroup this morning. Samuel took a picture on the way (his request). Later, we went outside and Samuel drew a crocodile on the sidewalk with his chalk. He started a new art class Thursday evenings, which Landon is doing with him, and I've noticed he's getting more artistic. This is great! Shortly after the chalk-art manifesto, we went over to our neighbor's house to visit her backyard rabbit and chickens. Landon came home from work soon after, and took us all out to eat at Tony Bento in SE Portland, one of our favorite bento places!

Juniper loves Lamaze's Jacques the Peacock. It's her favorite toy. I've noticed she is attaching to objects moreso than Samuel did. I captured some play-time with her special peacock on video today.

On another topic, I'm finding less and less time to read these days, so my books have collected dust beside my bed, and I'm only three chapters into the book selection for my book club this month. Atonement and I will be spending the greater part of tomorrow together between breastfeedings while Samuel and Landon go on a bike ride. I've got just over three hundred pages to read in forty-eight hours, and I'm determined to finish it!

And last but not least, because there's nothing quite like a sleeping baby, and for me, nothing quite like a sleeping Juniper, here's where I hope I'll soon be:


Jeremy said...

Great job Samuel! I'm impressed with the crocodile. I'm sure he loves having that one on one time with Dad.

And Juniper...so sweet!

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