Earth Day--April 22, 2008

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Today is Earth Day, and I've been thinking about other ways in which our family can lessen our impact on the environment. Landon and I are in the market right now for a new car. We've talked on and off about hybrids, but our conversation always ends with wishing they were more affordable. I was pretty sure we had decided on a Subaru Outback, but while we were in CA, our rental was a Toyota Prius Hybrid. It was so easy to drive, and for the four days we had it, including the drive from Anaheim to San Diego, the gas was around $15.00 total, and gas is over $4.00 a gallon in CA. These hybrids average 46mph. I know the Prius is a small car, but because it has a hatchback, this gives the car a huge space advantage over what we currently have: Honda Accords. We'd like to eventually get to the point where we only have one car, taking advantage of living in a city that has ample public transportation and is bicycle-friendly, but for now, it'd be great if our main family car were a hybrid. Unfortunately, they are pretty darn expensive, but I have to factor in all the money in gas we would save when considering one for a purchase. Oh, and then there's the federal tax credit for buying a hybrid, too. This might come as a surprise, but the Toyota Prius was actually pretty comfortable with two children, and we were carrying a lot of luggage. It's hard for me to stomach the purchase of a new car for our family this year without taking into consideration how that car will impact the environment. Earth Day has got me thinking again about how our family can live more responsibly. Today, it's our planet that's on my mind.


Jeremy said...

It's nice to hear how the Toyota Prius was. We aren't planning on getting a new car anytime too soon but I've been thinking about what we should get when it is time.
I definitely want something a little more eco-friendly.
Such a hard decision when they aren't cheap!

Good thoughts...

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