Disneyland, Day 2

Monday, April 14, 2008
We were all excited to be heading to Disneyland for a second day. First off, we headed to Fantasyland to ride the Mad Tea Party (Landon spun our teacup with all his might, making me briefly sick), and Alice in Wonderland (a long line, this is where I became a pro at discreetly nursing while standing). Then, we were off to Frontierland to take a raft to Tom Sawyer's Island so Samuel could do some exploring. It was a hot day, so Juniper and I took this opportunity to sit on a bench on the island. I nursed her and she slept. I drank lots of water. Landon and Samuel had a great time going through the caves and climbing to the top of the island. I heard a band start up on Lafitte's Tavern--Pirate Point, so Juniper and I walked over to check them out, and as it turns out, Landon and Samuel were just walking around from the other side of the island towards the music as well. We sat and enjoyed the pirate band, The Bilge Rats, for a bit before catching a raft back to the "mainland." I've included a short clip of this band below. The music at Disneyland was wonderful!

View of New Orlean's Square from Tom Sawyer's Island.

The Bilge Rats, performing at Lafitte's Tavern--Pirate Point, view from New Orleans Square.


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