Becoming What I Used to Mock

Monday, April 28, 2008

I never ever wanted to be the mom who pushes this through the supermarket, but it's official--I'm the mom pushing this through the supermarket. Somehow, I've managed to avoid it altogether until today, at which point Samuel asked politely if we could use it instead of the plain one, and I gave in . . . only because I figured there was something worse than pushing this thing around the supermarket, and that was being a mom who never lets her kids have any fun. I used to mock these things, and to be honest, I'm still mocking them under my breath as I heave all my body weight into the cart to round a corner. I've lost my dignity and pride around the grocery store these days, but I have a happy kid . . . what can I say?


Kelli said...

Oh, my days of enduring the mortification of these things started quite some time ago. Although for me it was out of neccesity, since it allows me to put all three kids into one cart if I'm alone. When we were building our house, I had to make frequent trips to Lowe's and Home Depot, and the only easy way to maneuver those stores during the day with the kids was with the car carts.

I also used to mock them, and feel ridiculous every time I use them, but the twins LOVE them. They think they're driving, grinning like little mad people as we make our way through the store.

The things we endure for our kids!

Jeremy said...

OMG that makes me laugh! You are so much better than me. I haven't given in yet and I try desperately to avoid Ian even seeing them if I can.

I love that you do it to make him happy. Good mama.

Betsy said...

Welcome to the club!

Ayelet said...

at least you don't drive a minivan...they're for total LOSERS! Oh wait...I DRIVE ONE!

Annagrace said...

Oh, I gave in to these a long time ago--there's so many other things I don't let Pea do that I figured I needed to loosen up somewhere and anyway, she kept trying to steal the ones inhabited by other children (which went over well). And yes, whoever designed them didn't deserve their design or engineering degree--they're like a car without power steering. Hateful.

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