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Friday, April 11, 2008
After a recent dinner at Le Hana in South Waterfront, we went for a walk to have a look around this new up and coming neighborhood. We noticed some guys working in one of the new retail spaces at the bottom level of the John Ross (corner of SW Bond and Gaines), and I popped my head in to ask about the new business. The friendly owner came out to introduce himself, and told us his new Vietnamese restaurant, Bambuza, was due to open the following Tuesday. Seeing a concrete floor and a lot of sawdust, it was hard to picture that it would be ready for business in six short days, but we promised to return for the grand opening.

What a difference a week made! With bamboo tabletops, orange paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling, and bright, sunny windows all around which look out to what will be the brand new park across the street (currently in the design process, which we've been excited to have been a part), we enjoyed a delicious Vietnamese dinner. Landon rolled his own salad rolls, and I enjoyed shiitake mushroom skewers and a Saigon wok dish that was amazing--it just might have been the best Vietnamese food I've ever had. Next time you're in the mood for a good Vietnamese dinner, check out Bambuza--I highly recommend it!

We're so excited about what's going on in the South Waterfront, and are looking forward to the new retail that will be just minutes from our house. The Greenway bike trail, which runs along the west side of the Willamette River, will be extended further south, and as I mentioned, a new park will be going in as well. Our medical care is also in South Waterfront, in OHSU's new Center for Health and Healing. Often, Samuel, Juniper, and I will walk to Bella Espresso for coffee when we go down there for appointments. This was once my favorite coffee shop in Cannon Beach, and now the owners have opened a location in South Waterfront, and will soon be opening a pizza place in the John Ross building, just adjacent to Bambuza, sometime this year.

It's easy to picture riding our bikes down on a hot summer evening for pizza and beer, sitting out on the patio of the John Ross while we eat, and watching the street car go by. After dinner we might walk across the street so Samuel and Juniper can play in the new park, or meander down to the banks of the Willamette for a walk along the river, maybe riding our bikes a little further north after dinner before making our way home. I can only imagine how this neighborhood will evolve. It's exciting to be a part of these big changes.


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