Monday, April 14, 2008
We enjoyed a good dinner at the French Market Restaurant in New Orleans Square, while listening to the Jambalaya Jazz Band and lead singer, "Queenie," who was lovely. She even got a fellow diner to sing a verse, which was hilarious, as the poor guy just couldn't sing.

Landon wanted to head back to the motel early tonight, but I convinced him to ride Pirates of the Caribbean again after dinner, and by the end of the ride, he got a new burst of energy, and said he wanted to check out Tomorrowland. Well, what's a walk through Tomorrowland on our way out of the park without giving into the tempation of the rides. He took Samuel on Star Tours (I didn't think Samuel was 40" yet, but he is indeed, so there was only one ride in the whole park he did not meet the height requirement on). I waited outside with Juniper. Before too long, they came running out, and apparently, at some point during the ride, Samuel looked up at Landon and innocently asked, "Daddy, are we going to crash?" Too cute. Then it was my turn, and Samuel wanted to go with me, so together, we rode Star Tours. That ride rocks. Samuel loved CP3O, so it's inevitable that he's going to love Star Wars. He hasn't seen it yet, but has a fascination with robots. After riding Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, the park was closing, so we headed back for another night of rock solid sleep in our motel. I think we were all asleep before our heads hit the pillows.


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