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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Today is April 10th, which means Juniper is four months old exactly. She's been a little fussy today from her vaccinations, and has been running a slight temperature. Here she is in her cute little pink giraffe overalls (thank-you, Amy!) with Landon. This picture was taken in the doorway of Landon's office, where I've been catching up on my blog since dinner. Sometimes Juniper needs a visual of her Mommy to tide her over for awhile, so Landon brought her by. She's doing a lot better with Landon these days, but still fusses off and on for me. She's a growing girl, and we're mighty proud.

A few mornings ago, Samuel started telling Landon about dromedaries. Landon says it's the first thing he's learned from his son. We didn't know what they were, and thinking he must be pronouncing another word incorrectly, we typed it into google. Sure enough, there they were, and we now know that dromedaries are single-humped Arabian camels. We still don't know where Samuel learned about dromedaries, but we're mighty proud of him, too.


Claudia said...

Good for Samuel!!! Believe it or not, I have head of dromedaries.

Juniper is a cutie and I love them both!!

I love you also Karli Ann!!!


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