Samuel and Juniper

Wednesday, March 05, 2008
Samuel, having just turned three, is growing in leaps and bounds. He's entered a new developmental phase that brings with it tantrums like we've never seen, a language explosion that has Samuel talking in detailed, complete sentences, (many of which he mimics from Landon and I (eg. "Mommy, look where I'm pointing!")), and the best yet, he's potty training now-- so far, it's going great!

As I posted earlier in the week, Landon and I have been trying to decide on a school for Samuel in the fall, and we were able to narrow it down, so the application is in the mail as we speak. We're both excited for next year & looking forward to seeing Samuel excel in Montessori. I'm still a little sad that he'll be gone five mornings a week, but I know he's ready for this, and I think the daily routine will be good for him. He currently loves going to preschool, so when I think ahead to six months from now, I don't think he'll have any problem with the transition. It's hard to believe that we're registering for school in the fall, at which time he'll be nearing four. It's exciting for me to see him pass all these new milestones!

Juniper, our little girl, is nearing her three month birthday! She likes to talk and make different shapes with her mouth. She smiles all the time. She's been doing a lot of growing and changing, which brings with it different sleep cycles, so I've been a little tired lately. Her happiest time of the day is in the morning & afternoon, while evenings she tends to be a little more fussy. She likes to be held upright most of the time (mostly by her mommy), and loves to watch her big brother play. Her hair is curling up more and more, and I am looking forward to seeing more of those curls emerge (thanks for the curly-hair genes, Daddy!). Everyone comments on how much she looks like Landon, and I have to agree. It's so much fun having a little girl--the experience is different in so many ways from raising a son--and I'm looking forward to seeing her personality blossom as she gets a little older. She's still a mystery child to me in many ways! With Samuel's new schedule in the fall, I'm hoping to enroll her in some infant classes, which I can attend with her one-on-one like I did with Samuel when he was a baby. Happy first spring, Juniper (coming up March 20th)!


Amy said...

I know the feeling! We are in the middle of filling out all of Abbie's registration papers for Kindergarten. On one hand I am SO excited for this new chapter in ours/her life. On the other, it makes me so sad that she isn't a baby anymore!

Jeremy said...

Ian is doing so many of those same things. It's fun to see him changing and getting older. Aside from the tantrums, it's really a great age isn't it? I'm so happy for you that you found a great school for him. I know it must a relief to you! And yippee on the potty training!

Juniper is so beautiful. It sounds like she is doing so well and that you have transitioned to two kids beautifully!

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