Sunday Status Update

Sunday, March 02, 2008
What's up with status updates? I try to update my facebook status daily, but I'm still a little confused as to why I need to do this. I'm not sure why my facebook and myspace friends want to know that I'm drinking a latte or feeling happy the sun is shining.
My husband actually has a twitter account. I guess twittering is all the rage now. By using twitter, you can keep your friends informed of what you're doing all the time via SMS, IM, or Twitterific. If you ask me, this whole social networking thing is getting a little out of hand, but hey, it's entertaining and fun, right?
Anyway, because I'm SO tired tonight, I'm doing a quick status update here on my blog. I try to keep my blog from becoming one continuous string of status updates, but for tonight, I'm status updating, and no, I'm not going to twitter.

Karli is . . .
feeling excited tonight about Tuesday's primaries,
hoping Samuel will sleep in tomorrow & Juniper will sleep a little better tonight,
and thinking about how much fun it is to watch Planet Earth with Samuel.
(If you haven't watched this BBC series, I highly recommend them! They are beautifully shot, and terrifically interesting).


charmi said...

We just started watching the Planet Earth series yesterday! What a coincidence!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the status update, Karli. By the way, I just ate a sandwich and am currently pondering the deeper meaning of life. I'm feeling tired, yet optimistic.


Jeremy said...

Haha..this made me laugh. It's so true about the status updates. :-)

Love the Planet Earth series too but we've only seen the ones narrated by Sigorney Weaver. I've heard the BBC ones are a little better.

Claudia said...

I just LOVE the PLANET EARTH series that Tracy Marie bought for us at Christmas!! They are so totally cool!! I would love to watch them with he is really enjoying them!

The Ferriter Family said...

We also love this, we have it on Blue Ray.... big deal : )

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