Saturday, March 22, 2008
My friend Andrea just ordered toys for her boys from Nova Natural, and after seeing the pictures, I was reminded of a sweet little community toy store in Sellwood called Spielwerk that sells similar products made both locally and around the world. I first discovered this toy store after Samuel, who was eighteen months at the time, found a bin of wooden trains and figures from there at Coffee Plant, one of our favorite Stumptown-serving coffee houses in Portland. I love this toy store, and have never found another toy store quite like it in Portland. LivePDX wrote this about the store:

SpielWerk Toys' Sellwood boutique harkens back to a more innocent time, with wooden toys, dolls made from recycled fabric and community "werkshops" to encourage creativity and community.

Most of their toys are handmade, encourage imaginative play, and will last forever. Spielwerk's store events are posted on their Werkshop Schedule (a fee ranging from $10 to $15 dollars and online registration is required). Next time you're in Sellwood, check out Spielwerk. I promise
you'll be glad you did.


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