Laundry Piles

Thursday, March 13, 2008
Landon has been doing a great job of restoring our windows. He's just finishing with the second of the two he's been working on. With extra time in the basement, he decided to help out with laundry, and within a few hours, the big pile of dirty laundry in front of the washing machine became a big pile of clean laundry waiting to be folded on our bed. It went quickly with Landon's help, but why is it that baby clothes, the smallest clothes in the laundry pile, take twice as long to fold nicely, but are the same items to be unfolded all too quickly with continual spit-ups and blow-outs? I swear I'd cut out a lot of work by keeping all of Juniper's clothes in the laundry basket and pull from there! If you've seen Sicko, you know that the healthcare system in France offers in-home care during the postpartum period for mothers--paid for by taxes. This includes someone that comes and helps out with laundry and cooking. I was talking with a friend who just had a baby in January about this today, and we both think moving to France sounds like a great idea right about now!

I'm feeling much better after another night of fairly decent sleep and another day of antibiotics. Looking forward to a restful weekend!


Amy said...'s the story of my life these days!

Annagrace said...

There are SO many reasons why France and several other European countries started looking really nice to me the moment I gave birth...the long, paid maternity and paternity (!!!) leaves, the in-home post-partum and infant care, etc. There is NO question why their post-partum depression rates are almost nil compared to ours in the US. Once I'm done having babies of my own I'm devoting my life to these sorts of issues--it's just so important to me!

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