Last Saturday in March

Saturday, March 29, 2008
Today was a slow day. It was cold outside, and my elderberry and euphorbia plants remain in their pots on the sidewalk (currently covered with hail). I'm eager to put them in their new home in the garden. We stayed indoors most of the day. I made a delicious mushroom soup from my new Moosewood cookbook, Simple Suppers, then we had some friends over. Mike & Susan stopped by on their way to play for a contra dance with Portland Megaband at the community center, and Landon ended up joining them. I stayed home, looking forward to a glass of wine and The Kite Runner, which came in the mail on Netflix yesterday, but then got the news that my sister flipped her car with her boyfriend and son, landing in a ditch upside down and they all walked away unscathed. You get lucky a few times in life, and boy am I ever glad my sister was lucky today. When I heard, I was so upset about the "what ifs" that I didn't end up watching the movie, and when Landon got home, I stayed up late talking to him about the wreck. Love you, Shelly, and I'm so glad you're okay!
Congrats on your new baby girl, Gena! She's beautiful!


Annagrace said...

Is that their car in the picture? Oh my god, I'm so glad they're ok!

Claudia said...

I am SOOOO Thankful also Karli!! I did the same thing with myself and with Shelly Di telling her how blessed she is that God was protecting her and Kaenan. He was terrified and really tramatized by the whole thing. He says, "Nana, Mommy was hanging in her seat belt and she was trying to get to me."
So nice what you said about Shell's in your blog!!!!!

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