Ergo Baby

Friday, March 07, 2008

Good news! Juniper is finally old enough to ride in the Ergo, my favorite soft-carrier! Until she is about 4 months old, she has to sit sideways, but it's great to wear her around the house and out on walks. So far, I've been unable to wear her as many of the other carriers on the market put too much strain on my back, and seeing as I don't have the smallest babies on the block . . . I've been waiting until Juniper could hold her head up enough to sit in it. I had purchased the infant insert, but it didn't work for us. Anyway, I'm finally able to carry her safely and comfortably in the Ergo, and I'm looking forward to wearing her all spring and summer!


The Ferriter Family said...

Hey I just got the Ergo! We have two plane trips coming up, one to Texas, and the other to Florida, so I hope it comes in handy!! Emma seems to really like it, she has given up on the sling, so I needed something else.

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