The End of Another Week

Friday, March 28, 2008
I woke up to snow this morning! It was beautiful while it lasted. By 9:30AM this morning, the snow has given way to rain. Now I'm drinking a cup of coffee and reading through the list of activities today on the Weekend Warriors post on UrbanMamas. Soon I'll be off with the kids and another day will soon be over. It's been nice having Samuel home this week as he's on spring break.

Looking forward to the weekend with Landon and learning more about Wordpress in my spare time. One thing that's great about blogging is it's a way to stop and think about the preoccupations and interests of each day before it's over and soon disappears from memory. Landon and I were discussing the other night how people might be reading these blogs decades from now. How interesting it would be to browse blogs from 100 years ago and read about the thoughts and feelings of human beings and moments in time that are now long forgotten.

Samuel didn't get into the Montessori school we applied to due to an overwhelming amount of applications they received. We weren't told they had received an overwhelming amount, so the thought never crossed my mind that he wouldn't get in. Unfortunately, we didn't get the letter until last weekend, and this week was spring break, so offices around the area have been closed, and I've been unable to make any progress with the preschool search. I really want to avoid losing another non-refundable application fee, but we weren't even wait-listed, so looks like we might not have a choice, unless he stays where he's at next year, which would be okay. I'm disappointed, but keep reminding myself that he's only three, which puts things into perspective for me. This isn't college! Having said that, I hadn't realized how quickly the preschools fill up. In fact, some people put themselves on a wait-list a year in advance. I started calling around in February, but it seems as though I should have started even earlier.

Off to start our day!


Amy said...

WOW!! I've never thought about that before....I have thought of a blog more of a way to share pictures with family and friends. I definitely need to "journal" more on my blog so that I don't forget all these memories!! It will be so fun to look back and read about all the joys, hardships, worries, etc. :-)

Claudia said...

My~~MY How the world has changed - just since I had you kids!! I never had to worry about the things you are -- but then I had other things to worry about. I didn't need anything more!

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