Easter Weekend

Sunday, March 23, 2008
Easter weekend this year was a busy one. We met some friends of ours on Saturday for a sushi lunch, then went for a walk around the Streets of Tanasbourne. We had a great time, and will have to meet them again. Samuel had an accident in the sushi restaurant, and I didn't have an extra change of clothes, so had to make a quick stop at Baby Gap to get him something to wear. Somehow, three years later, there are still outings during which I'm completely unprepared and the diaper bag is not stocked with even basic supplies.
Saturday night, we went out to dinner at a GREAT Lebanese restaurant called Ya Hala in SE Portland with Landon's parents for his mom's 56th birthday. Happy Birthday! We were unable to celebrate with them last weekend on St. Patrick's Day, her actual birthday. Back to Ya Hala, the owners of the restaurant also own Barbur Foods. Check out their deli some time. The food there is every bit as good as Ya Hala, and you can get it to go. The macaroons are SO good.
Sunday morning, we left for McMinnville, and had a great time down at my parents' house. All my siblings were there, and even my Grandma and Aunt, who lives in Oklahoma, were there for dinner. Unfortunately, I was disappointed that we had to leave early, because Landon needed to be back so he could play at the Muddy Rudder. Easter dinner was really good--thanks, Mom!
When Landon got back from the Muddy Rudder, we colored Easter eggs with Samuel using a Paas kit. Even so, it was in no way comparable to a Martha Stewart egg coloring experience. First, we only had 1/2 dozon brown eggs in the refrigerator, which don't color as well. Going back to the beginning of this post, perhaps I need to plan these things out a little better. I tend to be spontaneous at times. Then Samuel started whimpering about an owie he had on his wrist, so I spent most of the time trying to tell him it was going to get better. I used a wine glass for the yellow dye, only to realize that of course yellow wasn't going to color the brown eggs. So, we used green and blue. The blue turned them grey, but the green worked just fine. Then the shrink wraps from the Paas kit were too small for the large eggs we were using. The stickers that came with the kit wouldn't stick on the eggs. One egg of the six was colored beautifully green. Then there was the grey one and the yellow one that didn't show up. The other three eggs had cracked in the boiling pot, and I was unable to dye them due to the egg whites bulging from their cracked shells. Samuel didn't know the difference, though. All he knew was he had one pretty green egg, and he wanted to immediately eat it. He kept saying, "Mommy, it's a pretty one." We let him take the shell off all by himself, which he loved doing. After he ate the egg, he was off to bed. We didn't participate in an egg hunt this year, but with the rain, it's probably just as well. Here are a few pictures from the weekend (I'll post one of Juniper in her Easter dress as soon as I get the McMinnville pics from my Mom):
Samuel loves cracking peanuts from their shells.
Landon and Juniper. We love the leggings, Andrea!
New favorite: shadow puppets.


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