Window Sash Restoration

Monday, February 18, 2008

Here is a short video of a conversation between Landon and Samuel while I was getting some coffee in Starbucks. Samuel is doing better and better at having a conversation.

Landon and his Dad worked on the first of the south window sashes we plan to restore on the south side of the house today. Little by little, we plan to restore all 33 windows in our house. They are working on the first one right now, which will be the hardest, as it was literally falling apart and had to be completely disassembled, stripped down, and reglued. Once Landon gets all the supplies together & figures out the best process for restoring a window sash, which he's pretty much done with the one he's working on now, they will go quickly. With each one Landon pulls out, we'll have a new working window that is properly glazed and functional, which will keep our house warmer, and each one will have new sash cords, varnish on the inside, and paint on the exterior. I think it's important to restore houses to their original condition, and original windows add a great deal of charm to an early 20th century house. I've been told by the experts that window sashes are as good as the new vinyl ones when they've been properly glazed & maintained. So, the plan is to work on window sashes off and on over the next few years until all 33 have been restored. Right now, we hope to get the south windows (which are the worst) finished this summer.



Robby Gilliam said...

LOL....Samuel is so stinkin' cute! That made me laugh...

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