Another Winter Illness

Tuesday, February 12, 2008
We attended a birthday party on Saturday night for a friend of Samuel's at Papa's Pizza in Beaverton, and I had a bad feeling about the play gym before Samuel even knew it was there. What's a mother to do, though? I wasn't going to tell him he couldn't play, so Landon did the best he could to keep his hands out of his mouth while he was playing (I was holding Juniper) & made sure to wash his hands really well before he ate any pizza. But, sure enough, 48 hours later, Samuel came down with a high fever. He complained that his mouth & neck hurt, but other than the fever, he has no other symptoms. It was a long night last night. Samuel had a lot of trouble sleeping, and he finally ended up in bed with Juniper and I. Between the two of them, I had little sleep. Samuel's fever continued this morning, so I kept him home from school. He's spent most of the day watching movies & laying on the couch. He won't eat anything, but he's keeping lots of fluids down. By this afternoon, he seems to be feeling better, although his forehead is still warm to the touch. I'm hoping he didn't catch anything additional at the Children's Museum. If so, the lovely virus will probably show up by tomorrow.

The gravel was delivered today. The chimney & fireplace are clean. The gutters & roof will be cleaned later this week. Last night, Landon was able to move our red twig dogwood, which is extremely pervasive, and was planted too close to our fence line. He moved it before it had developed too much of an extensive root system, and since it is quite hearty, I don't expect it to have any set-backs. As shown in the jpg. that I hyperlinked above, it has beautiful red twigs during its dormant season, and beautiful creamy white flowers and lush foliage during the summer & fall. It's now in the corner of our backyard, and will make a beautiful focal point. I have a vine maple on each side of the dogwood.

My crocuses are in bloom, and with the sun we've had the past couple of days, I'm sensing spring in the air!


Jeremy said...

Oh poor Samuel! There's some serious stuff going around...I'm afraid to even leave my house with the boys.

I hope he feels better soon.

Claudia said...

I'm so sad that Samuel is so sick!!!!
Shelly and Kaenan is really sick also!!!!

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