Wednesday, February 13, 2008
The anticipation of appointments that include vaccinations is so much worse than the actual appointment itself. Juniper did great. She had 4 vaccines & one oral rotavirus vaccine today, and moments later, when this photo was taken, she had already stopped crying. I did some reading prior to this appointment, and felt so much more informed and secure in my decision to vaccinate than I did when Samuel was vaccinated. Samuel was actually due for his third Hep A today (a new requirement), but since he's still running a temperature, we decided to postpone it for another week. The poor guy is still fighting this virus he picked up at Papa's Pizza Saturday night. He's hardly eaten anything for the past few days, but is fortunately keeping plenty of liquids down. It's hard to explain vaccines to a three year old, but Samuel watched the nurses vaccinate Juniper today, so I'm hoping that might help him to be strong when he has to endure a prick next week. Like I said, the anticipation is so much harder to endure than the actual prick!


Betsy said...

Poor baby! Olivia has her 4 month c/u tomorrow and Hunter had to be tested for allergies today. Poor kids being poked all over the place!

Claudia said...

I really like this picture of you and Juniper. She looks so sweet here!! She has such long eye lashes! She must of gotten those from your Dad like all of you girls did.
It is so very sad when you have to take them in to get 'shots' but I always just kept thinking 'it's for their good!'
I hope Samuel gets better soon!!!!
Love you,

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