Update on Samuel

Thursday, February 21, 2008

After a visit to the doctor first thing this morning, it was determined that Samuel probably has a bacterial infection that developed in his lymph nodes as a result of his viral infection. He tested negative for strep in his throat, although strep could be affecting his lymph nodes. He's now on antibiotics, and has spent most of the day barely moving his head and sleeping or laying quietly on the couch listening to stories or watching movies. He's been such a brave boy about all this, and I'm so proud of him. I hope by later tonight or tomorrow morning he starts to show some improvement, although I haven't noticed any change over the past 7 hours & he's now had 2 doses of antibiotic. The doctor wants to see him again tomorrow morning due to the excessive swelling of his lymph nodes, as this can often cause a child to get more sick. Hopefully, by then we will see some improvement.

Meanwhile, Juniper is a healthy 10 week, 3 day year old, and smiling all the time now!


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