Sunday, February 03, 2008
We all went to REI this morning to do some clothes shopping, but other than a few items, left empty handed. All I'm going to say is I definitely need to lose the baby weight. I really want to join a gym asap, but I'm not okay with leaving Juniper yet, and with the rain, my exercise options are pretty limited right now. So, in the meantime, I'm going to really watch those calories & hope for some less baggy attire in the near future.

Yesterday, we spent the morning doing grocery shopping & getting supplies for Samuel's party next weekend--he's going to be THREE already! We're all excited, and looking forward to celebrating his 3rd birthday. What a treat it was to pass through Garden Home on our way to Target and see a small snow storm passing through. Everything was white, and there was about one or two inches on the ground. I stopped at one of my favorite drive-through coffee shops, Espresso Works (they serve Stumptown and the owner is really sweet), and Juniper and I sat in the car while Samuel and Landon got out and played in the snow. About 5 to 7 minutes later, Samuel started screaming. His hands had finally become too cold for comfort, but boy did he have fun throwing those snowballs. We got him into the car & warmed up in no time. It was such a pretty morning in Garden Home with all the white, barren trees & falling snow. We really hope to get up to Mount Hood next year so Samuel can experience snow on a more regular basis, as we only get a good snowstorm here in the valley every other year or so.



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