Little Deer Shoes

Saturday, February 09, 2008
While doing some shopping at Baby! Oh, Baby!, a new baby boutique in Multnomah Village, for Samuel and Juniper, I was given a free pair of these adorable baby shoes made by little deer shoes with my purchase. I love them! They are all sewn here in Portland by the owner; she makes everything she sells with her own two hands. They stay on Juniper's feet every bit as well as the popular Robeez. Check out little deer's website for more information on where to buy these. The owner also sells caps, purses, and minibags made in the same style and wool/rayon felt as the shoes. Support another local entrepreneur!


Amy said...

Oh my word!!! Those are beyond ADORABLE!!! I will definitely be checking those out!

Jeremy said...

How cute!

Claudia said...

I loved those shoes Karli!!! So adorable! Did you have more than the brown ones she wore on Sunday?

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