Juniper, the Good Sleeper?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Did I just say the other day that Juniper is a good sleeper? It's 4:32 am right now, and she's been awake since 1am! Here she is, sitting on my lap as I type. She's a happy girl, but she's a wide awake happy girl. The adventures in nighttime parenting continue . . . !


Jeremy said...

Oh no! Wow that makes for a hard night and a long next day. I hope you are able to take a nap today.

Claudia said...


I'm sorry honey!! Boy oh boy do I ever remember those days!!

Betsy said...

I don't know why, but my kids never did that! Maybe because I put them right back down after middle of the night feedings? Olivia is finally sleeping through the night. I'm so happy!

Jeremy said...

Well here I am almost 10 months into night wakings and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight.

This week Sawyer has been waking up and staying awake too. No matter how many times we try and lay him back down after nursing or rocking him to sleep he sits up as soon as he hits the mattress.

And we are so. very. tired. Of course you would think he would then sleep better during the day but naps either.

I hope it was just a 'thing' for Juniper and she goes back to sleeping better. Because after this long of barely getting 2 to 3 hours of sleep at a stretch really, really starts to wear you down.

It's only a's only a stage...

Unknown said...

Asher gave me a glimps of what a nights sleep looks like for a week a couple of months ago and I find myself dreaming for that these days. I am so sorry, and so glad to have friends to relate to and know I/we are normall.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karli -
My Zoe is going through the same exact thing and they're just the same age. Until about a week ago she was sleeping 5-6 hours at a stretch and now she's getting up every 2 hours AT LEAST! Killing me!
I keep telling myself it's a growth spurt (she's really eating a lot every time she wakes up), and since it's happening to you with you're good sleeper I think it just might be the case.

Good luck....


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