An Experience with Fine Wine

Friday, February 08, 2008
We were a meal or two short this week, so decided to eat out last night at Tony Bento on the east side. After hitting some heavy traffic due to a wreck on the Ross Island, we turned around and decided to eat at Le Hana in the South Waterfront. This place is a little pricey, but to our delight, we got there during happy hour! They had a variety of sushi to choose from on their happy hour menu as well as edamame (I could eat bowls of these), miso soup, and a few dinners from their entree menu. Usually, we can't get out of there for under $50 or $60 bucks, so we were feeling pretty good about getting a sushi dinner for under $30.00. Since dinner was so cheap, Landon and I decided to get drinks. He ordered a beer from the happy hour menu, and I ordered a glass of cabernet. She asked if I wanted the Mondavi or some other Cabernet that I can't recall the name of now, and after scanning the price list and seeing nothing but $6.00 a glass, I went with the Mondavi. So, we get our bill about thirty minutes later, and it's $50.00. I scan the prices on the receipt, and notice that my glass of wine was $15.00. What the? I don't even buy bottles of wine for $15.00 unless it's our anniversary or some other special occasion! I asked our waitress about it, and she said, "That's how much the Mondavi is." I thought about my mistake after she left the table, and realized that there was nothing the waitress could have done. She didn't know my price range, and if she would have said when I ordered, "Are you sure you want to go with the Mondavi? It's $15.00 a glass, you know," then I would have been insulted by her assumption that we couldn't afford it (remember the scene in Pretty Woman when the dress boutique owner tells Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts' character) that she couldn't afford anything in the store, then asks her to leave?). Although I smiled and paid the tab, laughing with Landon about my mistake, the waitress was nice enough to give us a coupon for 20% off our next meal. In the end, we still can't say we've eaten at Le Hana for under $50.00, but now that we know about their happy hour (it's from 2-6PM), we'll definitely be back. I will say it was a damn good glass of wine. Makes you realize you get what you pay for when you drink the cheap stuff. I do draw the line, however, with Charles Shaw, but as of now, that is as far as my wine snobbishness goes.


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