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Monday, February 04, 2008
I love stories about people who quit their day job to pursue a creative interest or life-long dream career. Take my friend, Katie Jervis, for instance. After years of working for someone else, she did what many people talk a lot about, but few have the courage to do, and quit her job to go into business for herself. She's been nothing but successful, and I have nothing but admiration and respect for what she's accomplished.

In this week's Willamette Week, there's a story of a young man, Michael Chorazak, whose business idea came when he was out on a walk one evening in NW Portland and caught a drift of the smell of burning wood. Only the creative mind takes a thought like, "I've always loved the smell of a campfire" to "I wonder if anyone's ever made a candle that smells like that." Sure enough, he found that no one was making candles that smelled of campfires, so Hotwicks was born, and he even quit his day job at Nike to make it happen. Hop on over to this new candlemaker's website and check out his work. The Portland Tribune came out with a story on Hotwicks this week as well.

On another note, Move On is organizing watch parties for Super Tuesday. I've had a hard time figuring out whether to vote for Clinton or Obama, but I've finally decided on Obama. The polls are starting to turn in his favor, so I'm hopeful about his prospects. Tune in tomorrow night for coverage on the primaries, and make a party out of it if you can!


Katie Jervis Photography said...

What a nice surprise, thanks, my friend! And GO Clinton AND Obama! Wouldn't you love to see them run TOGETHER?

Let's get together soon, Karli. Can't WAIT to meet little Juniper.


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