9 Weeks Old

Monday, February 11, 2008
My little Juniper Octavia is nine weeks old today, and is getting so big! She will have her two month appointment this Wednesday, where we'll find out her current weight, height, and head circumference. I'm dreading her vaccinations, and will be relieved once the appointment is over. Samuel has to have a Hep A booster with the new requirements for this school year, and I'm hoping he'll be brave for his little sister. I'm also hoping that Landon will be able to come with me for moral support while our little ones get pricked.

It's been a whirlwind around here lately, and I feel like I'm swimming in the sea of things to get done. I was able to schedule our chimney cleaning for tomorrow, as well as leave messages with several contractors to get our gutters & roof cleaned. Landon called to get a load of 3/4" gravel delivered tomorrow for the street parking in front of our house. Only the center of our street is paved, and the part of the street where we park along the curb is getting pretty muddy. I'm glad I made a little headway on my list of things to do today, but I still have a ways to go before I'm caught up.
P.S. Thank-you for the adorable outfit (pictured above) for Juniper, Erin!


Jeremy said...

Happy 9 weeks Juniper! Cute outfit!

Betsy said...

Oh, Karli! I'm sorry about shots. Have Samuel's done first so he doesn't see/hear Juniper when she gets hers.

Claudia said...

I hate it when it comes to shot time. I found out that Robby was a bigger baby about shots by far then you girls ever were!!
I agree with Betsy, I would have his first because if he sees her he will freak out!
I LOVE this picture!! Her outfit is cute and she is adorable!!
Love you,

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