3 Years and 2 Months

Thursday, February 07, 2008
I took Samuel and Juniper to have their pictures taken yesterday, and after three hours in Babies R'Us, these pictures were the final result. When Samuel was happy, Juniper was not, and vice versa. Needless to say, we were in there for a long time. There were many trips back and forth to the Mother's Room to nurse Juniper, and by the time I would finish, I had to recomb their hair and get them presentable for pictures again. Then Juniper would spit up and I'd have to change her outfit. After all that outfit changing, the picture that turned out was the one of her in a diaper. I'm glad I didn't plan anything else for the day, because picture day is obviously going to be an all day event for awhile. Since I bought one of their packages, 24 birth announcements were thrown in for free (see below).


Robby Gilliam said...

They are both very cute Karli!

Claudia said...

Karli Ann,
So very cute!! I love them! Samuel looks like such a handsome young man!!

Jeremy said...

Love the pictures! They are such great looking kids.

It sounds like quite the adventure getting the pictures done. Good for you for doing it! They turned out great.

Amy said...

These are great pictures. Samuel & Juniper are looking so much alike! Love those announcements too!

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