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Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's been a slow weekend around our house as we're all sick with a cold/cough. Samuel's been going to bed by 6:30pm, and Landon and I have been watching way too many episodes of The Shield and Lost. With the sun setting before 5PM and many evening hours of breastfeeding and holding Juniper, we've been lighting a fire & turning on a Netflix DVD. We just finished Season 3 of Lost, and it finally got good by the end of the season, although the flashbacks are still annoyingly slow. I'm determined to see the series through, but I'm a little frustrated that Season 3 made so little progress with "The Others" and the secrets of the island. Also, what's up with that the Dr. Juliet Burke character? I don't think I can stand another scene with her blank stare & sluggishly blinking eyelids. Also, she seems to be incapable of answering a simple question with a direct answer. Actually, many of "The Others" fall into this category. I'm left wondering when Lost will pay off.

The Shield
is a dramatic series that airs on FX (currently in its 7th season) about tough cops that do a lot of good in LA but go about it in socially unacceptable ways. Reminds me a bit of HBO's new series, Dexter, which is about a forensics guy (played by Michael C. Hall, one of my all-time favorite actors) who kills bad people (okay, he's a serial killer), many of which have been let off the hook by the legal system. Both of these shows are about characters that achieve justice by their own code of ethics. So, these shows present ethical questions, because in both series, the characters achieve good results, but in mostly bad ways. I think The Shield is probably the best cop show I've seen. Jay Karnes and Michael Chiklis are probably my favorites, although Walton Goggins is pretty darn good, too. Everyone I talk to about The Shield tells me to check out The Wire, so it is now on our Netflix queue. I'll be curious to see if it's as good or better.

It's true we've been watching a lot of TV lately, but at least it's TV on DVD, which means no commercials (I know, I know, I'm justifying). In my defense, however, I will say that our Netflix queue practically comes to a screeching halt during the spring and summer, when we spend most of our free time active and outdoors as much as the weather allows.


Anonymous said...

I just finished Lost 3, too. I'm gearing up for the season 4 premier next Thurs!!! My only indulgence on t.v. Anyways, thanks for the pic you sent!

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