Thank-you, Sue!

Friday, January 25, 2008
A woman in my book-club made an adorable little security blanket for Juniper, and I thought the loop was an interesting feature. When I asked her about it, this is what she said:

". . .that little security blanket is 100% polyester minkie cloth that is wonderfully soft, backed with 100% cotton flannel. The loop is deliberate, in response to a growing phenomenon in England that may not be occurring here, but which I experienced a couple of years ago. We were traveling with my sister-in-law and her young family, and her younger son (maybe 3 at the time) was fractious. Jeannie desperately asked if anyone in the car had a t-shirt with a loop label! The children there finger the loop labels (must have those 2 layers to rub together) and that has the calming effect. Manufacturers are sewing the labels into side seams of shirts to make them more accessible. I wonder how such a behavior is spread."
I looked into this concept further, and discovered the Taggies website, which is a bit more superfluous, but the concept is the same. I'll be curious to see if Juniper is soothed by the loop on her blanket. I can remember being soothed by tags as a child. It's such a great idea! Thanks so much for the blanket, Sue!


Kristin said...

My kids all loved tags... check out my blog :) And Minkee is sooo nice and soft!


charmi said...

Emma loves tags. She will often play with the tags on her toys instead of the toy itself! She will just sit and rub it like it's the most interesting thing in the world.


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