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Monday, January 07, 2008
Landon is on a business trip today, and won't be back until late tonight, but we're doing just fine around here, and although it's a challenge in patience, I'm adjusting to being a Mom of two (and to the new level of exhaustion by the day's end). Here are some pictures from our busy day:
Samuel got a dolphin sticker on his hand at our local post office. I go there often to mail mooches, and the two women who operate the Hillsdale post office (a contract station) know us by name. Here he is back in his carseat & ready for the library.
I always let Samuel press the buttons to operate the elevator. Here we are at the Hillsdale Library for new books.
Samuel enjoys the Hillsdale Library & picks out his own books...
and checks them out, too!
We finished off our day with a stop at Annie Bloom's for a new book on CD.
Happy 4 Week Birthday, Juniper!
(4 weeks is usually when baby acne reaches it's peak, and both of my babies seemed to get quite a lot of it. Juniper's acne actually extends down onto her chest. It's already getting better, though, and by 6 weeks, I'm hoping she'll be ready for her newborn photos!)


Anonymous said...

Acne or no acne they are darling and I love them!!! She is precious! Is that the blanket that Cindy's Mom made? It looks very nice! Do you even use the one I made? Probably have to many nice ones given.
Tell Samuel that I am so proud of him and I love the pictures you took of him!!

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