Juniper's Cold

Saturday, January 05, 2008
Juniper's cold has persisted now for nearly 3 weeks, so I made an appointment with our family practitioner. While doing an exam, the doctor found that there was little air flow in her right lung. She ordered a chest x-ray, which had me in tears. The four of us rode the tram up the hill for her chest x-ray. After talking with a neurosurgeon on the tram, I discovered that the radiation during one x-ray is no more significant than radiation exposure during a coast-t0-coast flight. Still not great, but in a case like this, it was necessary to find out what was causing the blockage, so we agreed to the x-ray. I spent all day waiting for the doctor to call back with the results, fighting anxiety and emotion, but telling myself that if it was serious, someone would have called. I never did hear anything, but plan to call first thing in the morning and see if an on-call doctor can give me the results over the phone.

Happy Birthday to my friend, Nate W.!



Anonymous said...

I know from talking with you the results Karli, but I do know ..... oh so very well, how you can go crazy worrying about how some test came out and if it will be O.K. or not ~~ just to find out that someone forgot to call or that they did not deem it necessary!! So very glad you decided to call and put YOUR~ and ~MY mind at ease!!! Love you all!!!

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