Juniper and Gardening

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Her lungs sound normal again! I had a doctor's appointment this morning, and our family practitioner listened to her lungs while we were there. I think I'll order copies of her x-rays for her baby book. Here's Juniper in an outfit that Cindy & Josh sent from New Jersey--thanks, guys!

Since it wasn't raining for a change, I got out and did some pruning for about 30 minutes before the sun went down, and it felt so good to get some fresh air. Now that I'm not pregnant, I'm really looking forward to this gardening season. I read a lot on gardening, as it's a big hobby of mine, and have been interested in joining a gardening club. One of my favorite gardening magazines is Fine Gardening. Some of my tulips have already popped up out of the ground (a little early, I think--hope they make it), and it's been a sign that spring isn't too far away.

Looking forward to:

Crocuses in February

Forsythia in March


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