Juniper, 1 Month!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Juniper is one month old today! I'm feeling so good about successfully making it through the first month, which in many ways is the hardest, because you're recovering from childbirth, as well as working harder than ever on very little sleep. So, it was a challenging month, but also one of the best months of my life.

This morning was fun catching up with some moms at playgroup, which I haven't attended in awhile. Samuel attended school this morning while Juniper and I went, stopping for coffee (of course) along the way.

It seems as though Samuel has caught another cold. It's been about a week since he got over his last one. I hope Juniper doesn't catch this cold, because she's still fighting the first one she caught 3 weeks ago. I'm taking her in to have her lungs rechecked in the morning.



Anonymous said...

I really like this picture of little 'June-Bug'!! She is sure growing fast!! Please send me some more pictures of her!!!!
Love and Kisses,

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