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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

About once a week, our family heads to New Seasons for a stir-fry dinner. The photo above was taken at the Mountain Park New Seasons, which isn't as close to us as the Sellwood location, but is a large store and, for the most part, isn't crowded around dinner and lunchtime like some of the other locations. At the right end of the salad bar, there are metal bowls stacked up. Take one of these bowls and heap it up with all your favorite stir-fry ingredients (noodles, garbanzo beans, broccoli, cauliflower, bean sprouts, mini-corns, water-chestnuts, peanuts, etc.). Hand the bowl over to one of the friendly employees behind the counter and, if you like, order with white or brown rice and chicken. There are about 8 different sauces made in-house to choose from, including Spicy Sweet Thai and Asian Plum. The cost is $7.49 (less if you don't order the rice & chicken), and the quantity is enough for Landon, Samuel, and myself to split the order and feel full. They will even happily split the order after they fry it up onto two plates if you're sharing. Enjoy your dinner in one of their community dining areas (7-corners is one store that has limited indoor seating). Meet a family or two while you dine. It's the cheapest organic meal in town! A healthy, affordable, and tasty organic dinner for three (2 adults and a toddler). Can't beat it! Oh, and if your child loves pepperoni sticks, the meat department will give your child one on the house. Samuel LOVES them!


Claudia said...

How very nice! Sound very good to me! We had roast tonight but that sounds really good!

Jeremy said...

That does sound delicious! Great to know they have that there. Thanks!

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