Cookie Making Playgroup & Birthday Celebrations in McMinnville

Sunday, January 13, 2008

This morning, we attended a cookie making playgroup at Kristi & Ellie's house. Samuel had fun making & decorating cookies. Kristi did a great job of organizing this--what a great idea! She even provided a delicious salad, pizza & mac & cheese--it was all so good! Samuel had a little bag of cookies he made, and they didn't last long--in fact, we had to take off a little early from the playgroup to head down to McMinnville to celebrate some birthdays (mine, my sister Kristi's, and my sister-in-law Sara), and Samuel had eaten the whole bag before we left Portland (there were about four cookies in the bag). We had a good time in McMinnville, although I was a little sad leaving, as one of my sisters is going through a really rough time right now. Samuel had a great time playing with his cousin, but they did get into a little mischief--they found some room deodorizer and doused every room upstairs with great quantities of the stuff. Samuel had way too much sugar today, and was really wound up. We had dinner @ McMenamin's after leaving my parents' house w/ my sisters Tracy & Kristi, and we literally couldn't keep Samuel in the booth. He was bouncing off the walls. Once we left, he was sound asleep w/in minutes. We didn't get home until about 8pm--a long day!


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